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  • Perfect taste, texture and flavor, dissolves in a fizzy: Metapure is Class Apart

Perfect taste, texture and flavor, dissolves in a fizzy: Metapure is Class Apart

If you are looking for something premium, this brand QNT will stand up to all your expectations! We all know when we talk about getting fit or think about starting our journey, we need to maintain a balanced diet but for people with sweet tooth it becomes impossible to look for healthy options. Yes, we have all seen amazing recipes on various social media platform about ‘how to cook healthy things for a sweet tooth’ but for real who has that much time? I mean, for me, it’s just about minutes talk to go from eating healthy to unhealthy because my sweet tooth always wins.

It does not only taste like chocolate, but it fills your tummy with all the goodness. Oh, and it just doesn’t stop there, their proteins are probably the best tasting proteins I have discovered ever. There are different brands in the market serving different flavors with different grams of protein per scoop, sometimes some proteins are too sweet to gulp down, too blend to drink it anyway but here the best thing I figured was the perfect taste, texture and fragrance. I know a lot of people don’t really care about what is going down their throat if it’s healthy but for me I am very choosy of what I take, wear or eat. And I am sure there must be people out there like me who are very choosy about what they eat and taste matters to them for sure. Generally, I would frown up on knowing I got to drink this protein to keep up with my routine but tasting the protein provided by QnT was something that I looked forward to. Not to brag but it did help me with my sweet tooth and kept me energized. With their different flavors covering hazelnut, crème brule, Lemon macroon - it is definitely going to win hearts and gift good health.

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