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Must Have Super Healthy Delicacy from QNT!

My Infatuation is turning into true love after much wait I started my new diet plan, like millions out there, I aimed to lose weight with my busy schedule. Believe me or not I am 99% vegetarian, having said that, I still wanted to make sure that I get enough protein. I tried the whey isolate METAPURE from QNT, just to try it for once and see if it fits me right and Oh Boy! I loved every bit of it, mixed in skimmed milk and draw it goes to my craving gut. It keep the going to long standing working hours, I realized, I was not craving as much as I usually do. Now my brain is thinking of more ways to make best alternative and tasteful combos.

Best Metapure morning whey smoothie:

Used White Chocolate flavor!

Replace your sugar-filled blended drink from the coffee shop with this healthier, protein-packed version.


1 or 2 scoop Metapure Whey Isolate protein powder, I used white chocolate flavor. 

1½ cup milk, fat-free

½ 1 cup low-fat, coffee flavored ice-cream

Enjoy and have a good day ahead!

QNT Power Smoothie for all day   energy: METAPURE: BELGIAN chocolate flavor. 

Using this I made ‘Metapure banana protein smoothie’: This thick and creamy protein packed chocolate banana smoothie is filled with nutrients to give you long lasting energy all day long. 


1 ripped banana 

1 serving of METAPURE Belgian Chocolate flavor 

1 table spoon cocoa powder

1 table spoon vanilla 

2 scoops ice, can add more or less as per your taste. 

Place all ingredients in a high speed blender and let it go until smooth and creamy. Pour a large glass to serve. 

Muhammed Javed

Muhammed Javed Subbah completed degree in physical therapy from India and then concentrated on working in hospitals for orthopaedic, sports rehabilitation. Constant learning and working parallel in clinical, for fitness professionals, state and national players made him better in many different aspects of sports rehabilitation and training. He is also closely associated with Reebok for marathon runners, for training and injury prevention. He is the founder of StrengthArm.com, an education and research company and Head of Training and development as Adam's Genetics.

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