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Metapure completely dissolves without traces and easily digested!

I recently tried metapure Belgium Chocolate flavor (whey isolate). Taste is pretty amazing but we can't call a protein supplement as a great one just on the basis of its taste so other than awesome taste it has 2.6gms of L leucine, 1.5gms of L valine and 1.6gms of L isoleucine.

Although the taste is sweet enough it doesn't have any amount of added sugar! One scoop (30 gm) has just 0.4gm of sugar which is natural. A 30 gm scoop provides 27.2gm of protein, carbohydrates 0.9gms and 0.6gm of fat of which 0.4 is saturated. So long story short it has a well-balanced ratio of protein along with added BCAA to it for optimum recovery. I have had great experience using this product from QNT.

On top of everything what tops the list of its characteristics is its solubility. I mean, it completely dissolves in water without any traces and is easily digested too! Protein seldom comes in this quality package and hence, Metapure makes for a great protein supplement for any person who is leading a fit and active lifestyle. Try it to get mesmerized!

Anthony Cardoz

Anthony Cardoz is a certified Personal Trainer from K11 Academy of Fitness Sciences. He has experience of 3 years in the fitness industry. He is a fitness content writer as well and is known for his grip on various topics related to fitness.

7 months Ago
Great content! Super high-quality! Keep it up! :)

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